Research group

Pär Sparén: Project leader

Professor of Medical Epidemiology at MEB, KI. Formerly Deputy Director of the Swedish Cancer Register, Professor Sparén has been the lead researcher for the National Quality Register for Cervical Cancer Prevention for the past 10 years. He is an expert in cancer epidemiology and cervical screening and leads the ACCES collaboration. He manages the significant data resources and laboratory contacts involved, and the merging of registers to create our Analysis Database and Biobank. A member of the reference group for the Swedish HPV Vaccination Register, he also coordinates our contacts with, and data requests from, the Swedish Public Health Authority, which is the new holder of this Register.

Joakim Dillner

Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at KI and the Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska University Hospital. Dr. Dillner is an expert in tumor biology, infectious disease epidemiology, HPV, biobanking and randomized HPV screening trials. He is responsible for our biobanking components, HPV laboratory resources, and leading the proposed randomized healthservices study.

Bengt Andrae

Senior Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Gävle Hospital and Process Leader, cervical cancer prevention, Uppsala-Örebro Regional Cancer Center. Dr. Andrae is a clinical expert in cervical cancer and leads the audit case-control studies.

Alexander Ploner

PhD at MEB, KI. Dr. Ploner is an expert in biostatistics and simulation, and works with Prof. Palmgren in the development of in silico models for risk prediction.

Juni Palmgren

Professor of Biostatistics at MEB, KI and Distinguished Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine, FIMM. She is also Co-PI for the Swedish eScience Research Center (SeRC) and coordinator for its Complex Disease eScience Community. As an expert in biostatistics and development of new methodologies for complex biological systems, her focus in this project is on developing risk prediction models for use in evaluating cervical screening strategies.

Lisen Arnheim Dahlström

Docent. As a researcher in infectious disease epidemiology, particularly vaccine safety and efficacy, Dr. Dahlström has especially been involved in studies on benefits and risks of vaccines.

Hans-Olov Adami

Professor of Epidemiology and former Chair, Dept. of Epidemiology at Harvard University, and Prof. emeritus in cancer epidemiology at MEB, KI. As an expert in cancer epidemiology and cancer screening, he acts as senior adviser to the ACCES project.

Karin Sundström

After achieving her PhD in 2013 in Professor Sparén’s group, Dr. Sundström is now working as a postdoc with Joakim Dillner and assists in various components of the ACCES project, above all the audit and follow-up of HPV-vaccinated women.

Anna Söderlund-Strand

Dr. Söderlund-Strand is a postdoctoral researcher working with Dr. Dillner and is responsible for high-throughput HPV typing, located at Lund University.

Post-docs and PhD-students working on ACCES-related projects:

Miriam Elfström

Eva Herweijer

Jiangrong Wang

Jiayao Lei

Other staff

Ellinor Östensson: works with health economy

Pouran Almstedt: is system developer and works with databases and coordinates collection of raw data from the pathology/cytology laboratories.

Sara Nordqvist Kleppe is employed for coordinating collection of biological samples in the Case-Control Audit.

Carina Eklund is laboratory manager in Dr. Dillner’s goup at LABMED and is a crucial part in coorination and quality control of HPV laboratory analyses in the project.

Camilla Lagheden is biomedical analyst and does the analysis of the HPV analysis from the Case-Control Audit.